This week’s no good for me, The Hangover: Part 2 is about to hit theaters. Premiering for the public on May 26, 2011, this blockbuster hit is sure to crowd theaters in the upcoming weeks.

Alan is bald, Phil is going to get shot, and Stu gets a Mike Tyson-like tattoo on his face. And this is all going down on a second bachelor party in Thailand.

Get ready Hangover fans- the three best friends that anyone could have are back!

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This season of The Real World: Las Vegas might be the craziest season yet. It started off with the stereotypical bad boy, Adam, breaking bottles, manipulating girls and roommates and getting kicked off the show for his antics. Didn’t think it could get more wild than that? Wrong- Dustin Zito was outed as a gay porn-star, though he identifies as straight. Nani and Heather had a girl-on-girl rendezvous as revenge towards the guys who took advantage of them. Naomi and Leroy had a pregnancy/STD scare, that fortunately came back negative. What will be next?

Too bad the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply to MTV.

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With my brother’s wedding quickly approaching, I have been absolutely wedding crazy. Considering that Evan is the first person to get married in my small, Italian family since I was seven years old, I think you can imagine my excitement.

Not only have I been addicted to ‘Say Yes to the Dress‘ and ‘Cake Boss,’ but I’ve also been borderline obsessed with his fiance’s dress and her bridesmaid dress picks. She is far from a Bridezilla, but I fill the shoes well as Bridesmaidzilla.

I was thrilled when Sara shared a link with me from Yahoo titled ‘14 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses.’ Guess what designer was on the esteemed list? #6, Coren Moore– also known as, the designer Sara picked for her bridesmaids to wear on the big day! I’m just a tiny bit overjoyed to be wearing a top, gorgeous bridesmaid dress pick!

Also refreshing on the list, the #4 pick for David’s Bridal. Most David’s Bridal bridesmaid dresses are under $100, saving the ladies from breaking their banks.

Check out the list for yourself- do your bridesmaid dresses make the list?

With the warm weather approaching it’s the perfect time to gather all of your summer accessories essentials. One of the hottest trends again this year is stackable bangles. Join the craze and check out Alex and Ani. These bangles offer an eco-friendly twist to fashion. They are made from recyable goods in the United States. Carolyn Rafaelian, owner and designer believes that,

“Consumers can use their purchases to make a difference in protecting our planet and our future.”

Visit Alex and Ani on Newbury St. to join the fad.

The Langham Hotel hosted a Royal Wedding celebration. Guest of this event sipped on Earl Grey Tea ate  scones with Devonshire cream and mini sandwiches while they watched William and Kate exchange vows.

Personally I find the Royal Family an impressive tradition that the British people have been able to maintain. In todays society I think that historic traditions are particularly difficult to maintain. While the Royal Family is full of controversy, I think that we should instead of criticizing them focus our energy on viewing the rich traditions they have maintained throughout the years.  The queen issued a statement renaiming Prince William and his bride. Accoring to the Offical Royal Wedding Website

“Prince William thus becomes His Royal Highness The Duke of  Cambridge and Miss Catherine Middleton on marriage will become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.”

Call me a history buff but I do find it interesting. To find more about the royal wedding visit the official royal wedding site.

Eggy Benedict and Martin Ryan of Wait Until Spring

Though I don’t believe that piss and cigarettes butts are going to help my plants grow, as one attendee asserted, last night’s show at PeeWee’s Playhouse was overall a success.

Acoustic artist, Kevin King opened up, followed by Fragments whose interests include “sitting and looking at walls” when they’re not singing “songs about girls and Semi-Pro.” Following Fragments was Bombay and Wait Until Spring. You can preorder Bombay’s upcoming EP, “Writer’s Block” here for only $3. The EP was recorded last December by the drummer of Wait Until Spring, Sean Fitzpatrick, and the cover art was created by former EC student, Dustin Watson.

Stay tuned for upcoming performances this summer by Matahari, Run With The Hunted, Mountain Man, Looming (Kevin King’s long awaited side project,) Coke Fiend, Sorry Excuse, Kicked In, Now Denial, Ramming Speed, and more TBA.

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No. He doesn’t.

If Bin Laden had a twitter account he may be alive today.

It turns out that a man, Sohaib Athar, was living his everyday life as a computer programmer, when he heard a helicopter outside his house around one in the morning.

“Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” –Athar tweeted.

If Bin Laden had been more on top of his social networking tools, he may have learned about the attack before and realized the helicopters were for him.

It makes me question the secrecy of anything anyone does today. If it is happening it will be tweeted.

Read the full story here http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/05/02/20110502osama-bin-laden-liveblog.html

I have to painfully admit that this morning’s royal ceremony brought me to tears. However, this little girl managed to make me laugh between sobs. Grace Van Cutsem, age 3, is the goddaughter of Prince William and the daughter of Lady Rose Astor and Hugh van Cutsem. She stole the show during the royal kiss by looking less then enthusiastic with the loud noises and billions of screaming people.

It would have made me nervous too.

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The Red Sox were off to a 2-9 start.  The Celtics couldn’t stand themselves up at the end of the regular season.  The one bright spot Boston had was the most unlikely of heroes- The Bruins.

But now in late April, it’s a great time to be a Boston sports fan.  The Red Sox have crawled out of whatever rock they were living under to go from that dismal 2-9 start to a 10-12 record.  Over the last 9 games, their starting pitchers have an ERA of just over 1, a pleasant surprise to the Fenway Faithful, not to mention the bats starting to come alive.

The Celtics are waiting for their next opponent, as they swept the New York Knicks with ease in the first round of the NBA postseason.  And with the Big Shamroq on his way back to the court, they could be singing McFadden and Whitehead by next week.

Game 7 was forced by the Montreal Canadians, but the Bruins are bringing the battle back to home ice tonight in hopes of moving on in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

Best chance for success?  Has to be the Bruins.  They have too much talent to not do well this postseason, and once they clear Montreal, their momentum is going to help them melt the ice under their opponents.