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There’s always something to talk about when it comes to William Lantigua. The Lawrence mayor is being investigated by federal and state authorities on allegations of corruption involving everything from weapons to narcotics, according to the Boston Globe.

The FBI, the Essex district attorney, and other agencies are looking into Lantigua’s dealings with companies that work for the city and into his ongoing public battle with the Lawrence Police Department, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities are also interested in his connections to half a dozen bars, night clubs, and his control over taxi and towing permits with the city.

Lantigua naturally denies the allegations and is certain he’ll be found innocent, saying “There is nothing to hide … I am standing here today to say there is no corruption in my administration.” Even if he is innocent, the allegations have strengthened efforts to get the mayor recalled. The group leading this movement is called “It’s Your Right,” and they accuse Lantigua of being an incompetent mayor and bully who divides the Whites and Latinos of the city.

This is the toughest challenge Lantigua has faced since becoming mayor. He’s managed to land on his feet throughout several other trials, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him somehow get out of this mess. Still, even if he’s proved innocent, I doubt he’ll be reelected for another term.

With the option to write messages to other users, a constantly updated news feed, and the unspoken pressure to obtain as many friends as possible, “Moshi Monsters” seems to have certain qualities that Facebook possesses.

Moshi Monsters” is the first social network that children can play on before they are old enough to be introduced to Facebook. Michael Acton Smith, the CEO of the company Mind Candy, describes how “Moshi Monsters” is an online program that targets the general desires of children to win games, socialize, and discover a new world of monsters. He also explains the purpose for creating “Moshi Monsters” by saying that they,

basically tried to re-imagine a Facebook for children under 12…that is as popular for kids as Facebook is for grownups. Kids like communicating and showing off and sharing as much as grown ups do.

Photo Credit: Gamersgame.com

Children, ages five to twelve, are given a choice of monsters to choose from and design to their liking.

Users of this program commonly friend other “owners” and communicate with these individuals by going to their monster’s “homes” and writing on bulletin boards that are provided in each house. These messages can consist of any content unless it includes personal information or is reported by another user.

This sort of communication and pressure to friend others seems to resemble the Facebook phenomenon that has overcome our society. But how similar are these programs? Did Mind Candy make the child-targeting Facebook they dreamed of creating?

On the plus side, kids are given a contract to agree to that asks for users to play safe, respect the Moshi community, refrain from bullying or rude behavior, and also to refrain from cheating or scamming. The child must then create an “owner name” and password, provide his or her age, and also provide an email address from either the child or a parent depending on the age of the applicant.

But let’s be honest. These online questions aren’t going to keep a kid from friending creepers and becoming obsessed with knowing other people’s business. With parental supervision, however, this could arguably be a beneficial way to prepare children for what Facebook has in store for them.

Be sure to stay secure, meaning don’t leave your window open.

On the evening of April 16th, around dusk last Saturday, Emmanuel residents of the basement of Julie Hall arrived to notice muddy footprints from the window sill, across the bed, and in a distinguished circle on the rug.

Students, Tara Brewer and Lauren Sabra, saw the evidence first. Neither believed this was some sort of prank, and quickly succumbed to the fact that their room had been intruded.

Credit: Author and Website Founder, Wael Abdelgawad. Retrieved: http://www.zawaj.com/askbilqis/author/admin/

The items missing: Two Mac laptops belonging to Lauren Sabra and roommate, Jennifer Anderson.

The Boston Police and department detectives arrived at the scene not long after it occurred, scanning the room for evidence.

“That’s what TV will do these days, the footprints, we can’t do anything with those” said detective unknown. 

To me, it appeared as a planned robbery by an insider. The replacing of the window back to its original position after the robbers left, spikes my suspicion.

Any Emmanuel resident knows that the constraints of the windows are secured by a stationed lock, stopping it from lifting.

Unfortunately, security never thought of putting cameras on their side of the building. Also for what time of day it occurred, in relation to the plans of all the roommates then, the escape seems of a collaboration involving  personal knowledge and not of a threatening street thug(s), but who’s to say.

Let’s face it, finding an apartment in the city, on a budget can be tough. Realtors are constantly spewing info at you, boyfriends are too indecisive, and finding a place that doesn’t smell like human feces can be a bit overwhelming.  So, here are a few tips to keep all you college students within your budget and stress free (for the most part).

1.  Lower your standards.  No apartment is going to be everything you want and more, if you’re paying the bill. Pick one thing that is a must such as a large bedrooms, and choose to sacrifice others.

2. Research your realtor. Don’t believe everything you read on Yelp, but use it as a guide to weed out the really bad places that want to squeeze you for all you’re worth. Once you’ve chosen a realtor, give them a specific criteria of what you’re looking for and tell them you don’t want to see any places that don’t fit your budget.

3. Ask questions. Bring a notebook with you and a set of questions to ask the realtor about the apartment. Example: What’s included in the rent? Is there security? Who and where is the landlord located?

4. Take pictures or write down descriptions of each place. If you’re like me, you’ll forget what features each apartment had once you get home.

5. Act fast. Once you find the place you love stop looking and take it off the market. I’ve had one too many apartments rented right under my nose because I took too long to make a decision.

high waisted jeans from shopbop

1. Wide-Legged/ High-Waisted Jeans: Say bye, bye to mom’s complaints. This is a chic look you both will adore. She may even find herself reminiscing about her glory days!

2. Crochet Tops, Dresses, and Bags: They’re back! Momma might be able to teach you how to Do It Yourself!

3. Floor Length Skirts: Appropriate for brunch with grandma and hanging on the quad.

4. Blouses: Should always be a staple in your wardrobe! When in doubt, throw on a blouse.

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The big, bad Bruins secured a #3 seed in the NHL Eastern Conference quarterfinals, and will face off with the Montreal Canadians in hockey’s biggest rivalry. The physical play between the two teams during the regular season has fans and experts alike wondering what brand of hockey we will see in the first round starting on Thursday.

Typically, playoff hockey is a much faster-paced game, played with more finesse and intensity.  The focus of the intensity could shift towards the penalty box, however, which is just what hockey could use.

In Boston, the media attention is fixated on the miserable 2-9 start by the Red Sox this season, their worst in decades.  Page two is cluttered with panic over the Celtics staggering into their postseason run.  Just the other day on ESPN’s Sportscenter, they used a new graphic called the “Panic Meter” to judge how Boston fans should react to their teams’ dismal records.

Why are people overlooking the Bruins?  This could be hockey’s greatest playoff match-up in years.  The Bruins and Canadians combined for 14 goals and 154 penalty minutes in a single game in mid-February.  Now play that out over a 7-game playoff series.

Bruins goalie, Tim Thomas, just set a season record with a .938 save percentage, averaging 2.00 goals allowed per game.  Last year’s run was halted by a wrist injury to David Krejci—and maybe getting beat four games in a row by the Flyers, when they were up 3 games to none.

The Bruins are back, and they’re hungry for the Cup.  The puck drops at 7:10pm on Thursday for the first game of the series, and from the get-go, I think this series as potential to appease those fans worshiping the Panic Meter in Beantown.

Skee-Phi Love

Yesterday, April 12th at 7:06pm, the three newest “Ice Cold bothers” of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated- Sigma Chapter were introduced. The Spring 2011 Probate took place on the Library Quad at Northeastern University.

Alpha Phi Alpha Probate Show Flyer 2011

As the crowd patiently waited to see the newest brothers on the yard, Jordan Clark, Javaughn Griffin, and Emmanuel’s Own Isaiah Duke were preparing for a life changing experience. They were about to reveal themselves to the community as the newest members of the Alpha Fraternity. It was a long and tedious journey, yet all three made it through.

Jordan, Javaughn, and Isaiah put on an amazing probate show; reciting the history of fraternity, welcoming and introducing the other Greeks, as well as giving a special welcome to their sisters; the AKAs.

As a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, I felt the love and excitement at this event. I’m so proud and happy for each young man who crossed yesterday especially Isaiah Duke who represented Emmanuel College. I’m extremely excited to collaborate events and ideas with them in order to better serve the Boston Community in the near future.

Next Monday’s episode of No Reservations takes place in South Boston. You may even have been one of the many fans tracking host Anthony Bourdain when he was filming the episode in January.

Even though I’ve lived in the Boston area my whole life, I’m still very unfamiliar with the southern half of the city. While some believe Bourdain passed over Dorchester’s grittier locales for more yuppie-friendly spots – stopping at a yacht club, for example – it should be interesting to see a different side of the city I’m from (or at least say I’m from).

After watching the episode, or even before it, you can trace Bourdain’s footsteps in Boston thanks to this guide from Boston.com. Stops include Greenhills Irish Bakery in Dorchester, The Snack Bar in Cambridge, and Michael’s Deli in Brookline.

The episode airs April 18th at 9PM.


Photo Credit: Ghanbari/AP

It feels like time has slipped into the methane gas that once filled the gulf coast and has flown away with the sludge covered birds, because I swear it was just yesterday when nobody knew how we were going to stop the flood of oil that was destroying the lives of thousands of people. Here we are almost a year after April 20th 2010; leaving me with one question. What happened to BP?

Im glad I asked.

Tony Hayward, BP’s CEO, is doing just fine for himself. Although Tony complained that his companie’s oil rig exploding was hard for him and he was caught on tv saying, “I’d like my life back.” he has to be happy with the whole outcome. After he stepped down from his CEO position, collecting 1.8 million and receiving a different job in BP which brings in $150,000 a year, the world forgot about him. I can’t believe this.

This man will be living better than all the people who’s lives his cooperation destroyed for ever.

Thad Allen, Commander of the Coast Guard, and in charge of the BP oil spill, was quoted saying,

“There were probably multiple times where multiple people could have said, ‘Wait a minute, something’s wrong,’” he added. “And there were probably multiple points where if any one person would have done that, this would have been stopped.”

For this young writer it hurts to see such negligence be rewarded so fruitfully. . .

Courtesy-Dianne DeStefano

Playing in a spring league with club teams from Sacred Heart University to University of Maine-Orno, there is some good competition out there for the Saints.  Coming off a 3-7 fall season in the New England Club Baseball Association, the team was looking to come out of the gates hot last Sunday.

After being down 3-0 for most of the game and no-hit for 5 innings, left fielder Jon Hardacker hit a single to left that would score the Saints’ first run in center fielder Dylan Stratton, who reached on a walk and stole a base.  Hardacker would steal second and move to third on a fielding error for shortstop Kevin Murphy to drive him home on a double with the game’s second run.

For an exclamation point to the inning, catcher Jimmy Oxsalida ripped a single to center, scoring both Murphy and third baseman Jeff Grossman.

Emmanuel pulled ahead 4-3 and held it til the bottom of the ninth inning thanks to a strong performance by starting pitcher Wes Cowles.  A soft hit up the middle would score the winning run, giving Cowles the complete game loss, but a huge confidence boost for the Saints in their first game of the season, as well as their first action outdoors since they started practicing in early March.

With more performances like Sunday’s, the team hopes to prove that they deserve a shot at being a varsity sport at Emmanuel.