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Let’s face it, finding an apartment in the city, on a budget can be tough. Realtors are constantly spewing info at you, boyfriends are too indecisive, and finding a place that doesn’t smell like human feces can be a bit overwhelming.  So, here are a few tips to keep all you college students within your budget and stress free (for the most part).

1.  Lower your standards.  No apartment is going to be everything you want and more, if you’re paying the bill. Pick one thing that is a must such as a large bedrooms, and choose to sacrifice others.

2. Research your realtor. Don’t believe everything you read on Yelp, but use it as a guide to weed out the really bad places that want to squeeze you for all you’re worth. Once you’ve chosen a realtor, give them a specific criteria of what you’re looking for and tell them you don’t want to see any places that don’t fit your budget.

3. Ask questions. Bring a notebook with you and a set of questions to ask the realtor about the apartment. Example: What’s included in the rent? Is there security? Who and where is the landlord located?

4. Take pictures or write down descriptions of each place. If you’re like me, you’ll forget what features each apartment had once you get home.

5. Act fast. Once you find the place you love stop looking and take it off the market. I’ve had one too many apartments rented right under my nose because I took too long to make a decision.

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