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Photo Credit: Ghanbari/AP

It feels like time has slipped into the methane gas that once filled the gulf coast and has flown away with the sludge covered birds, because I swear it was just yesterday when nobody knew how we were going to stop the flood of oil that was destroying the lives of thousands of people. Here we are almost a year after April 20th 2010; leaving me with one question. What happened to BP?

Im glad I asked.

Tony Hayward, BP’s CEO, is doing just fine for himself. Although Tony complained that his companie’s oil rig exploding was hard for him and he was caught on tv saying, “I’d like my life back.” he has to be happy with the whole outcome. After he stepped down from his CEO position, collecting 1.8 million and receiving a different job in BP which brings in $150,000 a year, the world forgot about him. I can’t believe this.

This man will be living better than all the people who’s lives his cooperation destroyed for ever.

Thad Allen, Commander of the Coast Guard, and in charge of the BP oil spill, was quoted saying,

“There were probably multiple times where multiple people could have said, ‘Wait a minute, something’s wrong,’” he added. “And there were probably multiple points where if any one person would have done that, this would have been stopped.”

For this young writer it hurts to see such negligence be rewarded so fruitfully. . .

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