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The Religious Studies department at Emmanuel College has changed its name to Theology and Religious Studies. With this title, the philosophical and analytical analysis of religion can now be recognized.

Being a Catholic Liberal Arts institution, EC students are introduced to a well rounded department focused on the education of religious studies. Students are required to take at least two religion courses to further their knowledge of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and more.

These courses, however, cover more concepts than just the beliefs and histories of world religions.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel College

In courses such as Love and Justice: Christian Ethics, Intro to Religious Studies, Sexuality and Relationships and Philosophy of Religion, there is more discussed than just the traditions of religions.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Department Chair Reverend Thomas Leclerc M.S. mentions on behalf of Emmanuel College that,” theology has been a constitutive part of what has been traditionally considered the liberal arts.”

Four new faculty members have been hired for the department. This newfound Theology and Religious Studies department has been revamped and, with their new title and selectivity of faculty, will most likely thrive and better the education of Emmanuel College students.

According to Fr. Leclerc and fellow faculty members, the Theology and Religious Studies department is the latest positive  attribution to the success of Emmanuel College.

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