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Photo Credit: Aaron Vince/Fickr CC

In addition to Groupon and LivingSocial, two groupon-promoting websites valued up to over $25 billion together, there are several other successful, but less-known websites catered to helping you save money.

For frequent online shoppers, there is RetailMeNot, which is simply a search-engine that provides coupons and promotional codes to over thousands of eCommerce websites. RetailMeNot is not just limited to apparel retailers, it also provides deals for food services like Papa John’s, retailers of consumer electronics such as Best Buy and even hotel packages. So the next time you are prepared to checkout the items in your e-shopping cart, you should first pay RetailMeNot a visit before actually paying your total.

For those who physically attend events and fairs just to get the freebies, you will be glad to know you could just skip to the chase. Although they are not the most aesthetically-pleasing websites, Frugal Freebies, MySavings and Start Sampling are all websites that provide completely free products and samples. All you have to do is enter your information and wait about a month or two to get your packages via snail-mail.

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