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Bipolar Bouncers

(photo: notenoughexposure/Flickr CC)

You finally turn 21 and you officially want to experience Boston’s night life. You can’t drive, you don’t carry around your passport and you don’t have a liquor license, but you still confidently flash the bouncers your seemingly valid Massachusetts State ID and you get rejected. But more than anything, you get confused.

According to Massachusetts’ Registry of Motor Vehicles,

Some establishments which serve alcohol may refuse to accept a Massachusetts ID card. State law (c.138, §34B ) provides the establishment some legal protection if alcohol was served to a minor in reliance on a valid Massachusetts Liquor ID card but not if the establishment relied on the Massachusetts ID card.

In reality, your admittance into nightclubs solely depend on the mood of the bouncers. After my own personal experience of night-club-rejection, I found out that about five of my friends gained entrance into the very same club using their Mass IDs earlier that night. Also that last weekend, a friend of mine was admitted into the same club using her Mass ID as well.

Although it is a State law that you may be rejected using your Mass ID as a valid form of identification for entrance to a nightclub, the bigger problem is the inconsistency of bouncers and the confusion that they cause.

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